Binh Minh Printing Trading Co. Ltd., hereinafter Binh Minh Printing is a company to produce several kinds of product labels. We are proud of owning professional staff with a variety of printing machines to create beautiful and true printing products. With the most modern machines in the North, we confidently commit that we will provide businesses with best sticker products as well as companion with development of your product brands.

Nowadays Binh Minh Printing Trading Co. Ltd has been printing many kinds of different materials such as:

Printing Decal under rolls – used for automatic labeling machine

Printing labels – supply for Jumbo Bag Company, supermarket bags

Printing sticker labels for garment industry

Printing sticker labels for footwear industry

Making and printing Barcode

Printing extra labels

Printing stickers for cosmetic labels

Printing stickers for pharmaceutical products

Printing stickers veterinary products

Printing stickers for food, bottle beverage

When printing product stickers in Binh Minh Printing – you do not need to worry about price and quality.  Before agreeing to sign any contracts together, we will try our best to find out your real needs to create most satisfactory sticker products in order to adapt your strict requirements. Please contact 0983652673 / 0971848879 for further information!

Địa chỉ: KCN ôtô 1-5, Xã Nguyên Khê, Huyện Đông Anh, TP Hà Nội
Điện thoại: +84 24 3968 6932 Email: inbinhminh08@gmail.com
Kinh doanh: Trần Văn Hưng: 0983.652.673
Giám đốc: Trần Văn Hưng: 0971.848.879